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20th Jun 2019 - We can supply any make or model of car or commercial vehicle at competitive prices, please ring or email your exact requirements!
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Asset Finance

Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing can provide an efficient and tax effective way of funding your equipment, the benefits of leasing are:

  • Fixed repayments for the term
  • Fixed Rates
  • Minimal Deposits protecting Cash flow
  • Maximising Tax Allowances

All Companies at some point in their trading life will replace equipment that requires updating or upgrading. Leasing these items means that upfront payment in full is not required, this helps cash flow and enables you to budget accurately over a fixed period for the use and cost of the asset whilst obtaining the best tax benefits for your business. The Leasing of Assets has been the favoured route of businesses for a number of years and is still the best way to obtain new equipment for your business today.

To give you a very broad indication of what assets can be Leased by us, please see detailed below:

  • Plant and Machinery including Yellow Goods
  • Trucks and Haulage Equipment
  • Catering Equipment
  • IT Equipment
  • Gym Equipment
  • Factory Equipment
  • Warehouse Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Office Equipment

Equipment Leasing gives you the opportunity to regularly update your assets for a fixed monthly cost, it in turn allows for accurate forecasting and improved cash flow. In the current economic climate it makes sound business sense to minimise your risk and keep money in the company.

One last benefit that most companies over look is by Leasing your Equipment from Thames Valley Leasing you are opening another line of funding. Too many times businesses have relied on their bank for lending and become fully committed very quickly. If funds are required for the short term to stabilise business accounts, banks have declined to assist due to its exposure to the customer. This has become even more prevalent over the last 12 months with Bank Managers being heavily audited, some clients have had business loans recalled or re structured, this can be catastrophic for small to medium sized business that have relied too much on a bank relationship for all their purchases.

For a free consultation or if you require any further assistance on Equipment Leasing please call our team on 01344 206223.

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